Pmetrics 0.19 available

Issues related to the installation of Pmetrics and getting it to run on your system.
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Pmetrics 0.19 available

Post by mneely » Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:14 pm

Version 0.19


* Added ADDL and II items to data matrix to support additional and steady state dosing. Old format matrix files without ADDL and II will be automatically updated. This change is propagated through NPAG, IT2B and the Simulator
* Added the ability to specify ranges to truncate simulator output and avoid extreme, i.e. non-phyisologic, parameters
* Added progress bar to PMdiag and cleaned display for SIMrun


* Fixed bug in PMmatrix plot that did not permit customization of X-axis label
* Corrected a bug in makeErrorPoly that prevented reporting of 3rd degree polynomial coefficients
* Fixed handling of .csv file creation during a simulation using SIMrun with multiple subjects as templates
* Fixed bug in ERRrun that prevented completion on Windows machines
* Corrected the PMcheckMatrix function to properly look for missing covariate data at time=0 for each subject
* Suppressed confidence intervals in plot.PMsim if nsim <100 and enabled it to handle missing confidence intervals properly

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