simulation with covariates

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simulation with covariates

Post by SONIALU » Thu May 09, 2019 10:23 am


I have a doubt about the simulations about the covariates.

First situation: if my final model does not include any covariate, does it make any sense to do a simulations including different values of covariates?

Second situation: in my model I have only included body weight and serum creatinine but in my original csv.file there are many other covariates.
If I want only to simulate with different body weights and I want to fix other covariables, do I have to fix only serum creatinine (because it is the only included in the model file) or all them?

Third situation: I tried to fix all covariates excepte serum creatinine that was included in the model but when I looked at the simulations of the parameter values I observed that different values of age, gender were simulated in the 1000 simulated cases. Is that correct? In addition, the simulated values were very strange (gender values between 0 and 1, negative values for c-reactive protein)


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