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Questions and techniques relevant to the modeling process.
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general doubts

Post by SONIALU » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:18 am

Hi Michael,

I have some general doubts about Pmetrics and the modelling process:

- Is it normal that after a run in the graph of the lamda/gamma error appears a straight line?
- Can we estimate parameters such as tlag or Ka when we only have samples obtained at 1h or 2h after the oral drug administration?
- If in the plot (final.2, density=T) we see in the volume graph that there are 2 curves, is this a suggestion that we should try a 2 compartment model?
- In the function PMstep, if a covariate has a p value (not NA) but the p is not significant. How should this be interpreted?
- When should be use RATEIV(1) in a model?

Sorry for so many questions,

Thank you very much

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